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Certified Sales Executive Program

Certified Sales ManagerIf you are a Sales Manager or Executive looking to advance your career by attending a recognized Sales Management training program in Egypt and be certified from an international sales and marketing certification body, then this is your right destination.

The SMEI Certified Sales Executive program awards the "CSE" designation, a great door-opener that announces your professional competence and shows to the world that you are a professional sales manager.


Gain an ever-lasting competitive advantage

  • Be recognized as one of the elite sales managers who are certified from an international Sales and Marketing certification body
  • Develop sales management capabilities, achieve your sales targets and excel as a sales manager
  • Illustrate a high level of professionalism to both coworkers and customers
  • Increase your market value and advance your career further
  • Be dedicated to continuous improvement of yourself and your staff.


Who should attend?

The SMEI Certified Sales Executive™ program is ideal certification for:

  • Sales managers and supervisors
  • Senior Sales professionals looking to be promoted to sales management positions
  • Company owners and individuals who are responsible for sales management and who have direct reports
  • Professionals desiring a career move into sales management


Sales and Marketing Executive International (SMEI)

SMEI is a professional, non-governmental organization formed in 1935 by leading business visionaries in the United States. SMEI awards professional Sales and marketing certification designations and provides a personal and professional community devoted to providing knowledge, growth, leadership and connections between sales and marketing professionals.


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CSE® Core Competencies

SMEI’s CSE® certification program is designed to ensure that those completing the program have successfully demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the core competencies required to excel as a sales manager or executive. These competencies are prescribed with assistance from Syracuse University, then approved and adopted by the Certified Marketing & Sales Professionals Trustees.

Organization and Management

  1. Planning, Forecasting and Budgeting
  2. Organizing the Sales Force
  3. Communication
  4. Team Building
  5. Motivation and Incentive Management
  6. Legal

Sales and Marketing

  1. Foundations of Marketing Strategy
  2. Pricing and Trade Practices
  3. Integrated Marketing Communications
  4. Emerging Channels
  5. Sales Technology


  1. Recruiting
  2. Sales Training
  3. Performance Appraisal



Certification Process and Study Resources

  • Apply for your professional certification, and access SMEI’s online learning center which includes a comprehensive e-book, chapter quizzes and other learning resources
  • Complete the CSE Preparation Training Program and earn a Professional Certificate in Sales Management from Knowledge
  • Register for your exam. Your exam must be taken within one year from your application date
  • Pass successfully the CSE certification exam
  • Receive your Signed and Gold Embossed CSE Certificate from SMEI



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