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Mini MBA Program

Our Mini MBA® graduates "Talk the talk, and walk the walk" of the MBA graduates
Mini MBA® Program is a comprehensive program that provides participants with the needed core knowledge and skills, essential concepts and tools as provided in the full-fledged MBA program, yet quicker and cost - effective.
What Differentiates This Program is the Unique Blend of:

• Essential tools and techniques of the relevant major.
• General business knowledge and skills in core business areas; Strategic Management, Finance, Budgeting, HR and Marketing.

KNOWLEDGE maintains the program’s intellectual copyrights in Egypt.

Professional Certificate

The Professional Certificate is a comprehensive program designed for professionals looking for the opportunity to build skills and knowledge, in specialized areas, needed to make them excel in their career.

Each of these certificates ensures that participants have learned, practiced and applied the relevant professional Knowledge and skills in subgect area.
KNOWLEDGE focuses on real-world applications for skills and knowledge building to let the participants practice what they may encounter in their day to day business, and challenges them to think creatively and problem solve while they are still in class.

KNOWLEDGE Advanced Programs (KAP)



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