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Integrated HR Strategy Certificate

The HR strategy is a fundamental support for the business strategy, setting out the structures and guiding principles to support and direct staff towards achieving the company’s objectives. A cohesive set of policies and action plans will be developed to implement the HR strategy. These will set out in detail how staff will be managed, supported and encouraged; how performance will be measured and improved; and how communications and team working should take place so as to achieve the goals and objectives set out in the Statement of Strategy.

In this certificate, participants learn how to formulate, deploy, link corporate strategy and HR strategy, identify the the HR strategic role, identify HR contribution to organization's strategy in each HR function, monitor and measure HR effectiveness and strategic alignment.


Certificate Objectives

Considering the challenging environment that surrounds today's organizations internally and externally; this certificate will enable participants to effectively carry out the HR strategic roles, measure its effectiveness and to comply with organization's strategy. 


Who Should Attend?

  • HR managers and Senior HR professionals who want to progress to the advanced and strategic HR role.
  • Mini MBA graduates (or equivalent certificate holders) who want to acquire an advanced qualification in HR.



  • Five years of professional experience in HR.
  • Holders of Mini MBA in HR or equivalent qualification.


Certificate Structure

This certificate consists of 2 modules; Strategy and HR functions (21 hours) and HR Scorecards (15 hours) offering Compensation essential Knowledge, Skills and Tools.

Delivery Methods

The program is run in an entertaining interactive environment utilizing application workshops, video cases, real-live case studies, management games, role plays, problem solving exercises and group projects.


Upon successful completion of the two modules, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement with 33 recertification hours approved by HRCI.

Certificate Outlines

Strategy and HR Functions

• The Environment, Strategy & Organization
• Strategy Formulation & Implementation
• Strategic Human Resource Planning
• Strategic Human Resource Development
• Strategies for Maintaining Human Resources
• Environmental Scanning
• Creating HR Competitive Advantage
• Strategic Staffing
• Appraisal System & Strategy

HR Scorecards

• Concept of Strategy Deployment & Alignment
• Balanced Scorecards
• Linking HRSC with Business Objectives
• Monitoring & Evaluation
• Concept of Performance Management
• HR Scorecards Framework
• Formulating HR KPIs & Objectives
• Performance Appraisals


"If you want to manage people effectively, help them by making sure the org chart leaves as little as possible to the imagination. It should paint a crystal-clear picture of reporting relationships and make it patently obvious who is responsible for what results,"

Jack Welch     


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