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:: Mandatory Courses:

:: Courses Outline:

Human Resources Planning
  • The Strategic Role of HR Management in Organizational Development
  • Organization Structures and Planning
  • HR Planning
  • Job analysis and design
  • Writing job descriptions
Training and Development
  • Training and Developing Employees
  • Conducting Training Need Analysis
  • Preparing and Implementing the Corporate Training Plans
  • Evaluating Training Programs
  • Managing Careers
Performance Appraisals,Compensation & Benefits
  • Setting of Performance Standards
  • Designing Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Establishing Strategic Pay Plans
  • Pay for Performance
  • Benefit Plans
Recruitment and Selection
  • Importance of Staffing and Workforce Planning
  • Defining Recruitment Sources
  • How to Recruit Diverse Workforce
  • The Main Types of Selection Interviews
  • Types of Tests, Interviews and Questions
  • Orientation and Socialization


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