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:: Mandatory Courses:

:: Courses Outline:

Organizational Behavior
  • The Manager’s Role
  • Factors Affecting Behavior in Organization
  • Values, Attitudes and Job Satisfaction
  • Personalities, Abilities and Job Fit
  • Emotions and Emotional Intelligence
  • Perception and Decision Making
  • Motivation Theories and Practices
  • Motivating your Team
Business Finance
  • Talking the Talk - Financial and Business Language and What it Means
  • Financial Statements: Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Evaluating an Organization’s Financial Statements
  • Role of Leveraging in Improving Return to Shareholders
  • Capital Budgeting and Time Value of Money
Strategic Management
  • What is Strategy?
  • Internal & External Environmental Scanning
  • Porter’s 5-Forces Model
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Generic, Corporate and Business Unit Strategies
  • Growth, Stability, and Retrenchment Strategies
  • Strategy Implementation and Control
Advanced Management and Leadership
  • Leadership Vs Management
  • What Makes a Successful Organization?
  • What Effective Leaders Do?
  • Leadership Styles and Traits
  • Organizational Goal Setting and Planning
  • Managing Change in the Workplace
  • Management Control KPIs


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