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Marketing Training Programs

Marketing CoursesKnowledge offers a comprehensive set of Marketing courses in Egypt and the Middle East. We offer marketing managers and professionals the opportunity to be internationally certified from a world renowned organization (Sales and Marketing Executives International).

Our Marketing training and certification programs relate both traditional and new marketing concepts to today’s fast-paced, competitive and segmented business environment, with the emphasis on relating marketing theory to practical and effective real-world solutions. We help marketers develop and implement effective marketing plans for their organizations.

Our marketing certification programs and courses give you an everlasting competitive advantage over your peers whether you are experienced or new to the Marketing field. What you will learn with us will boost your qualification as a marketer leading to better job opportunities and a more prosperous career.

We offer Marketing courses and certification programs suitable for the needs of marketers at all levels. This page gives you a brief overview of our Marketing programs where you can find full details in each program’s page.


Certified Marketing Executive Program (CME)

Certified Marketing ExecutiveThe Certified Marketing Executive Certification program awards the coveted "CME" designation from the Sales and Marketing Executives International (SMEI) to marketing executives and professionals.

CME designation is a great door-opener that shows to the world that you are a professional marketing professional. It announces your professional competence to your clients, employer, and peers and that your business activities are guided by a signed sales & marketing code of ethics.

This certification program equips you with the Marketing Management know-how that increases your market competitiveness, helps you develop your career and explore better working opportunities.

You will learn how to:

  • Satisfy customer needs with profitable products and services
  • Develop strategic marketing plans
  • Integrate Marketing Plans with Company’s Strategies and Resources
  • Understand your consumers’ buying behavior
  • Measure your market opportunities through research and forecasting
  • Develop Effective Product and Branding Strategies
  • Develop Promotion, Pricing and Channeling strategies
  • Implement and Control Marketing Programs

The training program consists of 3 modules with a total of 96 training hours followed by an online certification exam. After passing the exam, you will receive your signed and gold embossed certificate from the Sales and Marketing Executive International (SMEI) ... >> Read more

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For scheduled marketing Management courses in Egypt, please visit Marketing Courses Schedule page.


Philip Kotler says: “Marketing takes day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master".


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