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SCPS Preparation Training Program

Sales Management Training

Knowledge has developed - with the support of SMEI - this comprehensive sales management training program that gets you prepared to the SCPS certification Exam.
Upon completing this program, you will be awarded a Professional Certificate in Sales Management from Knowledge and you will be ready to sit for SMEI’s SCPS Certification Exam.


Learning Objectives

Learn the sales management know-how that will enable you to:

  • Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate strategic sales plans
  • Analyze sales performance, forecast market demand and develop sales budget
  • Build, manage and motivate an effective sales force


SCPS Preparation Program Structure

Module Title


Module One: Relationship Selling

       18 hours

Module Two: Developing Product and Customer Strategy

       18 hours

Module Three: Mastering Sales Presentations 

       36 hours



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Module One: Relationship Selling

Developing a Personal Selling Philosophy

  • Relationship Selling Opportunities in the Information Technology
  • Evolution of Selling Models That Complement the Marketing Concept

Developing a Relationship Strategy

  • Creating Value with a Relationship Strategy
  • Communications Styles: A Key to Adaptive Selling Today
  • Ethics: The Foundation for Relationships in Selling


Module Two: Developing Product and Customer Strategy

Developing a Product Strategy

  • Creating Product Solutions
  • Product-Selling Strategies That Add Value

Developing a Customer Strategy

  • The Buying Process and Buyer Behavior
  • Developing and Qualifying a Prospect Base


Module Three: Mastering Sales Presentations

Developing a Presentation Strategy

  • Approaching the Customer with Adaptive Selling
  • Determining Customer Needs with a Consultative Questioning Strategy
  • Creating Value with the Consultative Presentation
  • Negotiating Buyer Concerns
  • Adapting the Close and Confirming the Partnership
  • Servicing the Sale and Building the Partnership

Managing Self and Others

  • Opportunity Management: The Key to Greater Sales Productivity
  • Management of the Sales Force


Learning Methodology

Enjoy an entertaining 72-hour of interactive learning full of application workshops, video cases, real-live case studies, group projects and problem-solving exercises.



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Selling Today: Partnering to Create Value, Twelfth Edition
By Gerald L. Manning, Michael Ahearne, Barry L. Reece


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