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Soft Skills and Management Seminars

KNOWLEDGE DaysIn today’s society, Knowledge has become the primary production resource instead of capital and labor, and hence the success of any society lies in managing it. In our KNOWLEDGE Days, we contribute to the establishment of our knowledge society.

In those afternoon soft skills seminars, we give you the opportunity to acquire "Knowledge in a Nutshell". You will learn what world-class organizations consider as fundamentals that every employee should know.

Our KNOWLEDGE Days focus on unlocking your creativity, boosting your credibility and improving your business skills. You will learn how to deliver an effective presentation, what emotional intelligence is and how it affects your success, how to read and use body language to communicate better, and a lot more. Here is a summary of the key topics offered and you can call or email us for more details on each topic.





 Brief Benefits

Communication Skills

Build awareness of communication models, channels, barriers, styles as well as tips and techniques for effective communication

People Styles at Work

Understand the Four major people' styles and learn how to flex your style when dealing with people around you

Presentation Skills

Deliver impressive presentations and learn what to do before, during and after your presentation or public speech

Emotional Intelligence

Know the most important competency in the workplace today Understand and Control your emotions and get along with others

Secrets of How to Read Body Language

Communicate effectively by reading the body language and the non verbal messages

Time Management

Make better use of your time, Prioritize your tasks and improve your efficiency

The 10 big mistakes of Egyptian managers 

Sharpen your managerial skills and avoid the common mistakes that managers fall in

Marketing Research

Understand the marketing research process

Islamic Finance

Uncover the Myths and facts of Islamic Finance


Overall Benefits

You will enjoy our entertaining environment, meet business professionals, learn from our highly experienced speakers, get exposed to the latest business trends and win some giveaways and free courses as well.

All of these seminars are offered at a very attractive price including catering and access to the course material.


Who should attend?

Juniors, Team Leaders and Middle Managers who are wishing to broaden and improve their knowledge in order to become more effective in workplace.


For coming scheduled KNOWLEDGE Days, please visit KNOWLEDGE Days Schedule page.


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