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People Management in Practice

What this program offers you?

As a manager, your success is measured by how effectively you get work done to overcome every dayis challenges:

  • Identifying your employment needs and selecting the right candidates.
  • Coaching your people through performance feedback and continuous development.
  • Motivating your people to boost performance and release the fire from within.
  • Building effective and productive teams.
  • Setting individual goals and linking them with performance appraisals to ensure results achievement.
  • Creating a delegation-oriented climate with an empowered workforce. 

Who should attend?

  • Middle managers who are looking to blend their experience with best practices.
  • Newly hired managers who want to qualify themselves with management tools and skills.
  • Professionals looking for managerial position.
  • Business owners who want to learn more about managing people.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to acquire managerial skills essential for running start ups.


The total duration of the program is 96 hours.


Upon successful completion of each module, you will be awarded an achievement Certificate of 40.5 recertification hours from HR Certification institute and an achievement certificate of 42 PDUs approved by PMI.

This Program is Formed of Two Modules:

=Select .. Coach .. Motivate Module

=Build .. Perform .. Delegate Module


The People Manager Selects the Right Candidates:
The selection of the right people is crucial to the success of any organization. All managers normally get involved in interviewing people as new hires or selecting them for specific tasks. This workshop covers topics like; writing an efficient job specification, planning the interview, screening and interviewing techniques and more.


The People Manager Builds HighPerformance Teams:
As more organizations move toward team-based structures,your role as a team-leader becomes critical, if a team is to reach its full potential for improved quality, productivity,flexibility, and innovation. This workshop covers topics like;characteristics of high performance teams, team stages,handling conflict in teams, aligning team communication,problem solving and more.


The People Manager Coaches for Excellence:
Managers need to achieve success and mastery in the empowerment skills and strategies required for successfully coaching their staff. This workshop covers topics like; what makes an ef fective coach, providing performance feedback, developing your people’s capabilities,flexing your leadership style and more.


The People Manager Plans and Appraises Performance:
Planning means setting performance expectations and goals for groups and individuals and channeling their efforts toward achieving these objectives. Meanwhile, organizations invest time in planning yet fail to measure the results and link plans to performance. This workshop covers topics like; Performance management vs. Performance appraisal, setting performance goals, communicating goals, performance measurement, conducting performance appraisals and more.


The People Manager Motivates His Crew:
Understanding the value of motivating valuable people with incentives is a key to your success as a manager. Unfortunately, many managers fail to understand this importance of motivation. This workshop covers topics like; understanding the key motivators, setting SMART goals, motivation by meeting needs, job enrichment and enlargement, motivation in practice, and more.


The People Manager Empowers through Delegation:
Effective delegation has a great impact on a manager’s efficiency, yet it is often one of the hardest skills to master. This skill is crucial for effective performance and creating empowered employees. This workshop covers topics like; empowering our people, when and how to delegate, selecting the right delegate, handling reverse delegation, using delegation check list and more.

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